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Our growing catalogue of books by independent authors.

War and Love Book

War and Love

A family’s testament of anguish, endurance and devotion in occupied Amsterdam. A fascinating and detailed memoir of life at a time of war.
by Melanie Martin

A Year of Money and Abundance

The best affirmations on money and abundance you can give yourself and start to notice the change.
by Li-ling Ooi

Joyful Living - finding joy in little things

In an age of endless hustle and pursuit of grand ambitions, Joyful Living is a heart-warming reminder that true contentment is often found in the ordinary moments that we so often overlook.
by Li-ling Ooi

What We Publish Print and Digital, Fiction and Non-fiction Books

Riveting fiction aimed at keeping you enthralled and entranced from the very first page of each story until ‘The end’.

Well researched, solid non-fiction that aims to broaden perspectives, increase knowledge and encourage curiosity.

Poetic literary fiction is that heavenly match between a gorgeous story and a beautiful narrative of it that leaves you breathlessly transported in to another world.

Who We Publish

First time writers who are excited about sharing their new found voice

Seasoned authors looking to break in to self-publishing

Self-published authors who want support and help with social media

What We Offer Publishing & Marketing

Media Pack

Looking to relaunch or create more awareness for your book:

Book Sales Page Design & Build

Author’s Online Presence

Social Media Management

Hosting & Domain Name

Traffic Report

Full Publishing Pack

Finished writing your book, now you can leave everything to us:

Print-on-Demand and Digital eBook Publishing

Book Cover Design

Editorial Service

Beta Readers and Advanced Readers

Includes Media Pack 

Collaborative Pack

Know exactly what you need (or don’t need) for your book:

Provide Help and Support as Agreed

Pick-and-Mix the Services You Need

Only Take On What You Want

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

Get the Result You Want

How We Work We Take Pride In What We Do

We work very closely with each and everyone of our clients, ensuring that they have our full attention and support keeping their best interests foremost to every project that we take on

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