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Gareth Emery

Writer. I was born in Wales and was a Solicitor and a former Deputy Judge.

I now live in warm sunny southern Spain with my wife and the youngest of my four sons and enjoy writing my books by the poolside.

Gareth Emery


Gareth Emery is a vivid writer and his work will transport you to distant realms of place and mind. When you emerge, your soul will be the better for the trip.”

J. Herbie Brennan
Gareth Emery


as James Best

The Secret of the scrolls


Within the peace and silence of my being,  inner-plane teachers guide me as I write. Free will is granted to humanity, but only those who have access and knowledge of the consciousness of the soul exercise it. For them, there is no separateness from the spirit and they understand why the outer world always reflects the inner one.

The Secret


9/11 was an inside job. There was a secret agenda for vested interests at the highest levels of power. John ORourke, a former priest now working as a journalist, comes into possession of crucial evidence establishing the long-term plans of those in power in both the US and the UK.

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